Our passion for diving has led us to create a space dedicated to sharing the wonder and beauty of the oceans. With years of experience and a passionate team, we strive to offer safe and memorable adventures that will enrich your love for diving.

Welcome to Squatina Sub

At Squatina Sub, we not only offer unforgettable underwater experiences, but we also pride ourselves in being your one-stop destination for all your diving and water activities needs.

Our Passion for Diving:

At Squatina Sub, we are passionate about the underwater world and believe in sharing that passion with you. We specialize in training and guiding dives, making sure that every diver, from beginner to expert, has a safe and exciting experience.

Quality Training:

Our team of highly qualified instructors is dedicated to providing the best possible training. We offer courses for all levels, from beginners to instructors. At Squatina Sub, you not only learn to dive, but you immerse yourself in a passionate community that shares your love for the ocean.

Explore and Equip Yourself:

In addition to our diving experiences, our Squatina Sub store offers everything you need for your aquatic adventures. From specialized clothing to high quality diving and swimming products. We make sure you are fully equipped to explore the underwater world with confidence.

Our Commitment:

At Squatina Sub, we not only offer exceptional services, but we are also committed to promoting awareness and conservation of the marine environment. We believe in enjoying the beauty of the ocean while working together to preserve its fragility.

Join Us:

Whether you are looking to dive for the first time or you are an experienced diver looking for new thrills, Squatina Sub welcomes you to our aquatic community. Discover a world of underwater wonders with us!

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