General Description:

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities and underwater adventures with our exciting ACUC diving specialties.

Designed for certified divers looking to expand their skills and knowledge, these specialties will allow you to explore different aspects of diving and immerse yourself in fascinating areas of underwater interest.

Variety of Specialties

Advanced Underwater Navigation:

Master the art of underwater navigation.

Learn how to use compasses, natural references and advanced techniques to orient yourself accurately during your dives, exploring new places with confidence and safety.

Underwater Photography and Video:

Capture the beauty of the underwater world.

Turn your dives into an unforgettable visual experience, learning underwater photography and video techniques to document marine life and underwater landscapes.

Night Diving:

Discover a new world under the stars.

Experience the thrill and mystery of night diving as you explore the marine life that emerges in the darkness and experience the unique sensation of diving under the moonlight.

Deep Diving:

Explore the depths with confidence.

Learn about the challenges and precautions when diving in deeper water, pushing your limits and expanding your understanding of the more remote underwater environments.

Requirements and Certification:

These ACUC diving specialties are available for certified divers of different levels. Upon successful completion of each specialty, you will receive an internationally recognized ACUC certification, validating your skills and knowledge in the specific area of your choice.

Discover your Underwater Passion:

With our ACUC diving specialties, you have the opportunity to explore different facets of diving and discover new passions under the waves. Whether you want to improve your technical skills, capture the beauty of the ocean in images or explore new environments, our specialties await you!