General Description:

Feel the freedom of paddling in the Atlantic!

Squatina Sub offers you the opportunity to get to know new places on the coast of San Andres while enjoying a sunny day aboard a paddle board, the perfect plan to disconnect.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a water sport very similar to surfing that consists of paddling standing up on a large board using a single paddle. Paddle Surfing, colloquially known as SUP, allows you to ride a calm sea or surf the waves with the help and versatility of a paddle.


Paddle surf routes:


On your Paddle Surf board you will be able to reach inaccessible places of the Anaga coast. Visit coves and beaches that will surprise you, enjoy the clear waters of the beach of Las Teresitas! You can rent for hours or full day. Guided tours with a monitor are available (please contact us in advance).

You also have the option to enjoy in group (up to 8 people) with our BIG PADDLE SURF board.

Meeting point:
Squatinasub Diving Center located at calle dique no13, San Andres


  • ROUTE COSTA ANAGA / PLAYA TERESITAS 12 euros board rental + 10 euros per route.
  • EXCURSIONS (depending on the location the price of the activity will vary)

Includes: board, paddle, life jacket, changing area, locker and changing rooms.

Rental of boards:

Rental of paddle surf boards of different sizes, shapes and volumes, including paddle and life jacket, with a price of:

  • Table 1 person: 1h 16€ /2h. 20€, /3 h. 27€
  • Big Paddle Surf Board (Up to 8 persons) 1h 60€ / 2h 100€ / 3h 120€.


  • Liability insurance.
  • Prices with IGIC. included.
  • Board, paddle, life jacket, changing area, locker and changing rooms.

Don’t forget: Swimwear, towel, sunscreen, cap…

Additional Information

  • Swimming is mandatory.
  • Minors accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Departure from the water at least 15 minutes before closing time. Restrooms/restrooms are available.
  • We recommend making reservations in advance, especially on weekends, to ensure availability.
  • Not included: Accident insurance since only the equipment is rented.

Paddle surf lessons and courses:

With Squatinasub you can get into Paddle Surf from scratch or learn much more with advanced Paddle Surf lessons.

No matter your age or physical condition. Dare to know the paddle surfing in the privileged environment of the beach of Las Teresitas and experience the sea from a different perspective.

With us you will learn first hand the basic fundamentals of SUP. Our Paddle Surf course in San Andres will allow you to have more autonomy with the board, both in and out of the water, and you will learn to face the waves knowing how to approach them. The Paddle Surf lessons at Squatinasub will help you to train your balance and strengthen your
limbs while having a great time doing water sports. Classes are designed for all levels and ages of participants. It is a very accessible water sport for all audiences that will allow you to experience a fun leisure activity and enjoy the wonderful coastal environment of the area. Students will learn different techniques to get started in SUP and learn basic concepts about meteorology and interpretations of meteorological applications.

In addition, before entering the water we will learn several breathing oriented exercises, as well as the necessary warm-up to enter the water and start safely in the activity. Learn Paddle Surf at Squatinasub. You will be delighted to discover an activity that is easy to learn and accessible to all audiences. You will have a monitor/s for yourselves, without other people, at your own pace.


The only requirement is to know how to swim, so you can practice it with your family, or for bachelor/bachelorette parties, schools, groups…

Available every day of the year as long as the god Neptune allows it!


  • Liability insurance.
  • Prices with IGIC. included.
  • Use of: sup board, paddle and life jacket.
  • Specialized monitor.
  • Accident insurance.


Purchase of Bonds 10 classes 127,5 euros

Purchase of vouchers of 10 board rentals at 144 euros 1,5h and 108 euros 1h.