General Description:

Our advanced diving course under the ACUC standard is designed for certified divers who wish to take their skills to the next level.

Immerse yourself in an exciting experience that will push your limits, challenge you and give you the skills you need to explore new environments and underwater adventures.

Course content

Extension of Theoretical Knowledge:

In this advanced program, you will delve into more complex aspects of diving.

Including underwater navigation, deep diving, advanced dive planning and emergency situation management. You will learn how to effectively manage more challenging underwater scenarios.

Practical Skills Development:

Our expert instructors will guide you to ensure safe and effective learning.

During open water dives, you will perfect advanced buoyancy techniques, improve your underwater navigation skills and gain confidence to dive to greater depths.

Exploration and Adventure:

This course gives you the opportunity to explore new environments and challenge your limits as a diver.

You will dive exciting and diverse sites, from shipwrecks to rock formations, expanding your experience and knowledge of the underwater world.

Requirements and Certification:

To enroll in our advanced ACUC diving course, it is necessary to have a basic diving certification and a minimum experience of a certain number of dives. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive an internationally recognized ACUC certification, which will open doors to new underwater opportunities and challenges.

Take your Underwater Adventure to the Next Level:

If you are ready to expand your skills, discover new challenges and explore the underwater world with confidence and skill, our advanced ACUC diving course awaits you. Get ready for an experience that will take you beyond the conventional and plunge you into exciting new depths.