General Description:

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of diving with our Open ACUC certified course.

Designed for water enthusiasts and adventurers, this program gives you the opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean while acquiring the essential skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to dive safely and responsibly.

Course content

Theoretical Module:

Our course begins with a solid theoretical base, where you will learn the fundamental principles of diving.

Including the physics and physiology of the human body underwater, the necessary equipment and its correct use, as well as dive planning and safety techniques.

Confined Water Practices:

Once you have acquired the theoretical knowledge, you will move on to confined waters to apply what you have learned.

Under the expert supervision of our certified instructors, you will practice fundamental skills such as buoyancy control, equipment handling and safety techniques, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Open Water Dives:

The highlight of this course is the open water experience, where you will apply everything you have learned in a natural environment.

You will perform exciting dives while exploring marine life and fascinating underwater landscapes under the guidance of our instructors, always focused on your safety and comfort.

Requirements and Certification:

To participate in our Open ACUC diving course, a basic level of swimming and good physical health are required. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive an internationally recognized certification, allowing you to explore new destinations and enjoy diving with confidence anywhere in the world.

Join the Adventure:

No matter if you are a curious beginner or an experienced enthusiast, our Open ACUC diving course is waiting for you to start this exciting underwater adventure. Discover a new world under the waves and make diving an integral part of your life!